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Where It All Began

In 2005, we were the first Grant Professional Association (GPA) chapter founded in Texas. We began as an outgrowth of the Harris County Resource Development Team when a few members attended the GPA conference in Boston in 2004 and recognized the power of networking with others in the field.

Those members founded this chapter to create a space for Houston’s grant professionals to find professional development, networking, and mentorship.

Present and Looking at the Future

We are the fourth largest GPA chapter in the country and while we meet in Houston because it is central, we represent all cities and counties of Southeast Texas and the grant professionals that keep its nonprofits, school districts, hospitals, cities, and counties operating.

Now we are nearly 100 members strong and represent diverse industries, individuals, and passion.

Education, networking, and connection keep up focused on moving our community forward and ensure funding flows to the projects that keep the foundation of our community in place. 

Grant Professional Certification (GPC)

The Southeast Texas Chapter encourages its members to pursue their Grant Professional Certification to lend credibility to the grantsmanship profession, encourage adhering to strong ethics in the grants community, and contribute to the health of nonprofits and the community at large.


Maureen Meyer, GPC,  is the Southeast Texas Chapter’s Grant Professional Certification Institute Ambassador, serving as an active resource to promote the GPC credential within our Chapter and community and providing information and guidance to anyone considering pursuing their GPC. Maureen is available to answer questions from GPC candidates and certificants. You can reach her at maureen@storiedpro.com.