March 2024 Chapter Meeting

Gayla Rawlinson-Maynard

The Importance of Understanding Grant Budgets

Thursday, March 28th, 11:30 – 1:00 p.m.  


In our upcoming March chapter meeting, Gayla Rawlinson Maynard, a nationally certified Grant Professional and a phenomenal champion of our Southeast Texas Chapter, will discuss the importance of understanding grant budgets. This
will include a detailed overview of the various components of a grant budget, as well as common budget categories and line items. We will also explore the significance of cross-team collaboration and how this can help to streamline the budgeting process and improve the quality of grant proposals. Additionally, we will highlight the
importance of collaboration between grant writers and other departments, such as finance and program management, and share best practices for effective cross-team communication. This promises to be a valuable session, providing attendees with a wealth of practical insights and information.

Best practices:
1. Establishing clear communication channels between grant writers and finance teams.
2. Implementing regular meetings or check-ins to discuss grant budgets.
3. Utilizing project management tools for shared documentation and tracking.

Gayla Rawlinson Maynard, a nationally certified Grant Professional, has over 25 years of experience creating and directing successful grant offices/teams resulting in over $500 million in grants that supported targeted communities. She is the former Director of the Center for Grants Development division with Harris County
Department of Education (HCDE). Prior to arriving at HCDE as its first grants specialist, Mrs. Rawlinson Maynard worked at the University of Houston as the Program Manager of The Funding Source, and as an adjunct professor. She has personally generated over $166 million in funds for organizations she has served. Her grant work has ranged from foundation and corporate sponsorships/proposals to large collaborative government grants. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Stephen F. Austin State University and a Master’s degree in Sociology/Social Research from Sam Houston State University. Gayla serves as one of four national GPA Chapter Support Liaisons.