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  • Left to Right (Stacey Smith 2015 President, Olivia Smith-Daugherty 2014 President)

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The Southeast Texas Chapter, located in Houston, is the first chapter of GPA in the State of Texas! Starting with only 14 members, it has more than doubled its membership in a relatively short period of time.

The chapter is the outgrowth of the Harris County Resource Development Leadership Team that consisted of grant professionals throughout the region and surrounding schools districts. In 2004, several members of the team attended GPA's 7th Annual Conference in Boston and enjoyed networking with other professionals in their field. Having no other place for a public forum for grant writers to receive professional development, the team decided to establish a local chapter. This decision not only meant the group would be a part of a larger collaboration with national presence, but also would provide an avenue for individuals from diverse industries to interact and elevate their professional development.