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NEXT MEETING: March 18th from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

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GPA chapter on Thursday, March 18th from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. for a special virtual event with a longtime grant professional and grantmaker Maryn Boess, founder and chief magic-maker at GrantsMagic U! The topic: “Insidex the Grantmaker’s Black Box: What Really Happens After You Push ‘Submit’ on Your Proposal.”

Do you know what 98% of all people who write grants have never seen … and don’t understand? What really goes on after a proposal vanishes inside the Grantmaker’s Black Box. Why? – Because they’ve never been there.

They’ve never seen the entire grants review and decision-making process in action, from start to finish. They’ve never experienced the Grantmaker’s Black Box the way grantmakers do … as an insider.

What if you could hop inside a real-life Grantmaker’s Black Box and get an up-close look at what goes on there? What if you had an insider’s view of the in-the-trenches challenges, stresses, frustrations, surprises, internal timelines, twists and turns the grantmaking team experiences at each step of the way, as it works hard to invest this year’s grant dollars wisely and well? Would understanding more about the grantmaker’s world make a difference in your own grant work? Can you imagine how the insights and takeaways from this experience might give you an edge in your own grants success?

Here’s your chance to change that … and become one of the 2% who really understands, from the insider’s perspective, what goes on in the Grantmaker’s Black Box!

Presenter: Over her 35+-year nonprofit career, Maryn Boess has been an on-staff grant writer; a grants consultant (winning $42 million for her clients over 10 years); a grants trainer; a grants reviewer, author, speaker, mentor and coach; and – starting in 2006 – even a grantmaker. This 3-D background brings a unique insider’s perspective to the practical, inspiring trainings on healthy, successful grantsmanship she shares with thousands of people each year through GrantsMagic U (Go.GrantsMagic.org). A true dual-citizen of the grants world, Maryn may be the only person holding membership in both Grant Professionals Association (for grantseekers) –  and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (for grantmakers). In; 2020, Maryn became just the second inductee into the Grant Professionals Class of Distinguished Fellows.

This meeting will be a “two-parter.”

This meeting is approved for CEUs from AFP and GPCI!

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